EmpyrealEMR provides patients with the tools and resources that they need to manage their health in real-time. We provide a simple and easy way for patients to interact and follow through on physician recommendations.

Access Your Health Records
Anytime, Anywhere

icon-recordsPatients shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to see their medical records. Through EmpyrealEMR’s secure patient portal, patients always have access to their personal health information.

Automatic Reporting on Patient Vital Signs

icon-recordsEmpyrealEMR integrates with wearable devices to track patient vital signs and automatically report results and trends to the physician.

Effortless Appointment Scheduling

icon-recordsWhen a patient needs to to schedule an appointment with their direct care provider, time and convenience are critical. With our online scheduling tool, patients have the ability to view physician availability and book appointments quickly and easily.

Secure Communication for
Important Health Conversations

icon-recordsPatient health is a very private matter, therefore EmpyrealEMR provides the highest level of security to protect doctor/patient confidentiality in our email, videoconferencing and other communication tools.

Electronic Prescriptions

icon-scriptsAccess prescriptions electronically through our secure web-based patient portal and affiliation with RxNT.

Easily Purchase Health & Wellness Products

icon-recordsPurchase health and wellness products, including devices and supplements recommended by the health care provider.