Technology exists to make life easier, but too often, solutions designed for the modern medical practice create more noise than value. We built EmpyrealEMR for the direct care/concierge physician, focusing on the the elements that matter most to running an efficient practice and offering the highest level of patient care. Each of the features included in this powerful tool are intended to make life easier for the practice and enhance the patient-doctor relationship while maintaining and increasing membership.

EmpyrealEMR provides cloud-based Electronic Medical Records in a physician-friendly format.

Patient Records

icon-recordsCompletely paperless EMR presented in a diagnosis-friendly format with the ability to markup patient records (electronic signature optional) and transfer documents to patient charts.


icon-recordsCloud-based scheduling which provides patients access to add themselves to the schedule, and provides calendar integration with automated email/sms reminders, making reminder cards an obsolete process.


icon-recordsOptional e-scribe integration with RxNT allows you to create and send prescriptions, thereby improving patient safety and quality of care. Schedule II prescriptions available as well.

Secure Patient Interactions

icon-recordsCommunicate with all patients through secured HIPPA-compliant tools, such as email or video-conferencing (powered by GoToMeeting).

Health Analytics

icon-recordsGraph vitals such as blood pressure, heart rate, pulse, weight and lab results to see trends over time.

Health Reporting

icon-recordsEasily and rapidly create reports by automatically pulling in all relevant medical data and customizable templates: Physical Reports, Surgical Pre-Operative Clearances or any other reports created in seconds!

Health IT Integrations

icon-recordsSeamless integration with wearables and other mobile health technologies, such as blood pressure/heart rate monitors, scales and activity monitors. Automatically receive data within seconds and keep tabs on your patient’s health at all times.

An EMR that Works for You: Generate Additional Revenue for Your Practice

Earn income on your off time

icon-recordsComplete quick video-conferencing consults at your leisure through our partnerships with MDLive and TelaDoc. Consultations typically last 8-10 minutes and are very easy to complete during office hours, evenings or weekends. Malpractice covered on your behalf.

Sell your favorite health and wellness products

icon-recordsDo you sound like a broken record when you recommend that your patients get a blood pressure monitor, watch their weight or take certain vitamins or supplements? Provide portals for them to purchase health and wellness products at a discount while you earn commission on your recommendations through our partnerships with major retailers such as Withings, GNC, Rite aid, Target and more.