Many of today’s medical professionals are leaving behind traditional practice management in favor of a highly personalized medical care model. Concierge, or Direct Care Medicine, offers a unique, self-pay health care delivery service. This new era of medicine is structured to significantly improve the physician’s work environment, as well as improve every patient’s experience by providing the highest level of personalized care to prevent and manage disease.

Technology plays a central role in the modern medical practice, however many EMR systems fail to meet the demands of direct care providers.

Healthcare Providers
EmpyrealEMR was founded by Joel Warshaw, MD, one of the early adopters of the concierge model for medical practice management. Frustrated by the existing EMR systems on the market, which do not address the unique needs of direct care physicians, Dr. Warshaw channeled his 25 years of experience as a physician into the development of an EMR system tailored to the specific demands of Direct Care practices.

A doctor knows what a doctor needs.

EmpyrealEMR provides a powerful tool that offers a simple and convenient way for direct care physicians to manage their practice while providing the highest level of patient care. The software offers resources for the patient as well, such as secured access to their personal records as well as online scheduling of office visits, telephone calls, and video conferencing. By providing cutting-edge technology, patients truly appreciate the direct care medical services, which in turn helps build a practice.

As a growing niche of medical professionals embrace the concierge model for their medical practice, EmpyrealEMR exists to provide advanced, cloud-based, responsively designed software to manage the modern medical practice.