Watch the Webinar: Success in Concierge Medicine

Whether you are currently practicing concierge medicine or considering making the transition, there are several factors that impact your ultimate success or failure. Join Joel Warshaw, MD, one of the early adopters of the concierge model to learn:

  • How to position your concierge practice for growth.
  • Risk factors for concierge physicians.
  • Dr. Warshaw’s lessons learned his eight years as a concierge physician.
  • How to make the right technology decisions for your practice.
Success in Concierge Medicine: What You Need to Know

Designed to Meet the Everyday Needs of the Modern Physician

  • Access Your records anywhere, anytime, on any device

    With Empyreal, your data is stored securely in the cloud, and has been optimized from computers, tablets, and smart phones

  • A Simple and streamlined
    user interface

    Designed by doctors, Empyreal was built to ensure that patient information can be found with minimal searching

  • Quickly find test results
    and medications

    Keep tabs on patient medications and prescription history to ensure there are no conflicts or oversights

  • Patient Portal allows patients to
    access to their own records

    Easily add your patients as users to give them full access to their own medical records and information

  • Create Comprehensive
    reports and letters

    Compile and generate patient reports and form letters for your patients quickly and easily

  • Electronically prescribe medications

    Empyreal allows you to write and renew prescriptions and email them to the patient’s pharmacist

  • Maximize Your Workflow

    Spend more time with your patients, and less time managing them with our all-in-one practice management platform.

  • Secure and Protected Information

    Rest easy knowing that your data is protected behind an industry leading SSL certificate, ensuring its safety

The Story Behind Empyreal

Designed for doctors, by doctors, Empyreal was created to serve a growing niche of medical professionals who have moved beyond traditional practice management, yet who require advanced, cloud-based, responsively designed software to manage their practice.

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